Thanks to the drone, in just 25 minutes of flight and 3 hours of post-processing, we were able to obtain a detailed and high-resolution orthomosaic of the façade of a heritage building and everything is now ready to be vectorized on Autocad or Revit software.

However, being skilled with a drone is not enough to obtain a high quality rendering. Indeed, to obtain accurate data, you first need a deep understanding of architecture and expertise like ours in geomatics.

Scan et Drone pour capter une orthomosaïque
Patrimonial Church
Drone capturing images
Scan scanning the facade

What is orthomosaics facade ?

Orthomosaics are generated by a process called photogrammetry. This process involves capturing a series of high-resolution photographs of a building facade from different angles and positions.

In short, the orthomosaic is the concrete result of the photogrammetry process.

Lateral Elevation
Élévation frontale de la façade du bâtiment
Frontal Elevation

What orthomosaics can do for you:

Orthomosaics for patrimonial building
Point Cloud

Orthomosaics offer a number of advantages for facade inspection and analysis.

The benefits are as follows:

High level of detail :

Thanks to orthomosaic’s high resolution you can obtain a detailed view of the facade, enabling inspectors to enlarge the image (zoom in) and identify the slightest cracks, defects or other problems.

Greater precision:

Drones are also used to inspect the quality of work being carried out. This is achieved in particular by capturing close-up images of certain parts of the worksite that are difficult to access or dangerous for workers.

What’s more, they can detect errors or faults in the work, enabling them to be quickly corrected.

Consistent images:

By stitching together multiple images, orthomosaics eliminate distortions and inconsistencies that might emerge from images taken from different angles.

Comparative analysis:

Orthomosaics can be used for before-and-after comparisons, making it easy to track changes to the facade over time or after maintenance or repair work.

Prioritize employee safety and profitability:

Using drones to capture images for ortho-mosaic generation can be safer and more cost-effective than manual inspection methods that may require scaffolding or elevated platforms.

Our team is made up of qualified personnel skilled in the production of orthomosaics, and we are at your disposal to guide you through your project.

For further information, please contact us.