Acquisition date: January 2020
Objective: Creation of a REVIT model of the interior and exterior as well as a Matterport
Approximate floor area: over 105 000 sq. ft
Level of details requested: LOD200 et LOD300
Number of scans: over 5 000
Cost of the project: 120 000$

Tools used:

  • Leica RTC 360 scanner
  • DJI Phantom 4 pro drone
  • Tersus bi-phase GPS (control points)
  • Matterport Pro 2 camera

Software used:

  • Register 360 – Assembly of scans/point clouds 
  • Autodesk Recap – Visualisation and transfer of point clouds to Revit 
  • Autodesk Revit 2019 – 3D modeling and BIM from point clouds 
  • Autodesk 3D civil Autocad 2019 – Vectorization of point clouds 
  • Agisoft Metashape – Photogrammetry 

Methodologie used – Workflow:

  • Acquisition of control points using GPS to control the scan quality and ease the assembly
  • Drone flight and image acquisition needed for stereo-matching (photogrammetry)
  • Scanning interiors and exteriors using scanners
  • Acquiring 3D captures with a Matterport camera
  • Assembly and georeferencing scanner scans with the Register 360 software
  • Data processing of drone images by autocorrelation with Agisoft Metashape software and creation of the point cloud
  • Association of the point cloud from the drone data with the point clouds from the scanner to cover the areas not covered by the scanner
  • Revit modeling from point clouds
  • Extraction of elevations and cleaning of vectors in 3D civil Autocad