Acquisition date: July 2021
Objective: Create a topography plan to support a real estate development plan
Surface area: over 9.5 hectares
Data precision: +/- 5cm
Cost of project: 5 500$ 

Tools used: 

  • DJI M600 pro drone 
  • Green Valley S220 LiDAR 
  • Tersus bi-phase GPS (control points) 
  • GNSS base 

Softwares used: 

  • Ligeoreference – point cloud generation 
  • Lidar360 – Trajectory alignment and soil classification 
  • Global mapper – Level curves generation 
  • Agisoft Metashape – Photogrammetry 
  • ArcMap – Results mapping 

Methodology used – workflow: 

  • GPS ground control points and establishment of GNSS base on a known point to correct the drone LiDAR data 
  • Data processing of drone images by autocorrelation with Agisoft Metashape software and creation of the orthoimage 
  • Georeferenced point cloud generation with the Ligeoreference software and trajectory correction with the LiDAR 360 software 
  • Soil classification and overground to determine the topography 
  • Generation of level curves from the point cloud ground class 
  • Data mapping (orthoimage and level curves)